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A Grandfather's Blessing
J. Wilbur Chapman
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Soldiers In The Lords Army, The Greater Opportunity Of Being There.

TITLE: A Grandfather's Blessing

When General Grant was nigh unto death, he dictated a formal letter To the President of the United States, asking that his namesake and grandson, Ulysses III, be appointed to a cadetship at West Point upon application. Col. Frederick D. Grant, the young lads father, recently took the priceless missive to Washington and personally delivered it to President McKinley with an endorsement from the warriors comrade, General Sherman.

General Grants original letter, with General Shermans endorsement across the bottom of the page, furnishes a unique souvenir for the war archives at Washington, which will be treasured as a sacred memento. It goes without saying that the appointment will be made. There are multitudes of young men whose fathers and grandfathers were famous soldiers of Jesus Christ who would, if they could, direct their children and grandchildren into the same noble and joyous service. Any young man who envies this youthful scion of an honored family may well congratulate himself upon the opportunity of becoming a good soldier of Jesus Christ.

From Present Day Parables by J. Wilbur Chapman.

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