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A Coffee Revival
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: Intercessory Prayer, Used Of God Mightily.

TITLE: A Coffee Revival

In my Sunday afternoon meetings I often find that speakers and lecturers are dividing the crowd with me in other halls, or churches, in the same city. Sometimes their subjects gladden me, and again I am disappointed and grieved. But at one of my late appointments I had a rival at the 3 o'clock hour in a neighboring church whose subject and mission astonished me. He was trying to start a Temperance Coffee Society. Not temperance in coffee drinking, but coffee versus liquor.

So the notices had been duly read from church pulpits, and the church members of different denominations gathered to hear a minister of the Gospel preach the Gospel of Coffee. It was a coffee meeting, intending to lead up to a Coffee Revival.

In another part of the city I was holding up the precious Blood of Christ as the great and only remedy for any and all sin, for any and all habits, and for any and all people. We had great liberty, Heaven smiled, the Spirit fell upon the Word, and about fifty souls were saved and sanctified.

As we thought of the preacher around the corner, holding up coffee and pointing to coffee as the hope and deliverance of the drunkard; then asking for funds to start a coffee shop down town to deliver men from strong drink, we had another view of the times, in the looking of the people in every direction except the right one for help and deliverance; and in the taking up of false Christs, and no Christs rather than the true and only Redeemer for the rescue and salvation of the soul.

We would like to have seen some of the sermon notes of our Coffee Preacher. Doubtless the leading heads were: (1) Chicory, (2) Rio, (3) Java, (4) Mocha, with subdivisions of (a) sugar, (b) milk, (c) cream.

Then would come the exhortation and altar call, Come to Coffee. His musical instrument should not have been an organ, but a Coffee Mill. Living Illustrations By B. Carradine.

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