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A Bullet Of Bread
B. Carradine
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TOPIC and SUBTOPIC: TOPIC: Kindness; A Winning Weapon.

TITLE: A Bullet Of Bread

Kindness is the best and surest of all ways to overcome an enemy. It amuses while it grieves the heart to see mens ideas of dealing with and ending human hate and opposition. They fairly rack their brains for inventions of weapons of warfare that possess still greater destructive power. So they turn out monster battleships that in death-dealing force equal many an army of former days. And they mount guns which, according to the report of the latest construction, can land a shell full of ruin and death twenty-five miles away.

Jesus, with profounder and perfect wisdom, told His followers to use bread upon their enemies; to confront evil, with good, cursing with blessing and hate and persecution with love and kindness.

Elisha showed that he had learned of this heavenly school and taken in this God-like spirit, in the way he treated the Syrian army which, by a remarkable happening, was placed in the power of the Israelites. The Jews wanted at once to strike and kill, but Elisha said No, let us spare them and feed them. The effect on the Syrians was amazing to earth, but not to heaven. It is Gods way of doing. The alien army thus delivered and fed, went back to their country full of gratitude and kindly feelings. The Bible says they would not make war with Israel again. Truly, certain loaves of bread had proved more powerful than spears, arrows, horses and chariots of iron.

When will we learn that the soul is unbarricaded on the love side, and that kindness has always and will ever capture it in that quarter.

When will men also find out that, while a bullet or sword may kill an enemy, yet he remains a foe in the other world; while kindness or shooting such bullets as loaves of bread, bank notes, loving words and patient, sympathetic letters, sees its adversaries not simply fall to the ground, but suddenly change to friends. The miracle of miracles is that the same strange weapon or missile which slew an opponent, made at the same instant a loving ally.

Living Illustrations By B. Carradine.

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