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by Charles Haddon Spurgen

The Sword and Trowel, 1876

"Because of the ravages of the Colorado beetle, all foreign potatoes, though in themselves unobjectionable, are kept out of Italy. It seems a hard measure, but the danger appears to justify it. We are often placed under the same necessity as to amusements. In themselves they may be well enough, but we cannot shut our eyes to the serious evils which have become connected with them, and therefore feel it to be our only course to make them contraband altogether. You cannot sift beetles, and so you must shut out the potatoes; you cannot remove the attendant sins, and so you must forego the pleasures. 'Hard Puritanism!' cries one. Common Sense, say we, and if we had more of the so-called Puritanism among us we should all be the better for it."

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