The Clue Of The Maze
A Voice Lifted Up For Honest Faith - "He who trusts
his soul to Jesus has found the clue to the maze!"

Modern unbelief is so short of the quality that it seized the label,
and has advertised itself as HONEST doubt. It was in dire need of
a character. We lift our feeble voice on behalf of HONEST FAITH.
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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It has been well said, "Nothing is easier than to doubt. A man of moderate ability or learning can doubt more than the wisest men believe." Faith demands knowledge, for it is an intelligent grace, able and anxious to justify itself; but infidelity is not required to give a reason for the doubt that is in it: a defiant mien and a blustering tone answer its purpose quite as well as argument. In fact, the present acme of unbelief is to know nothing: and what is this but the apotheosis of ignorance? Great is the glory of knowing nothing!

A man may glide into Agnosticism insensibly, and remain in it languidly; but to believe is to be alive, alive to conflict and watchfulness. Those who think faith to be a childish business will have to make considerable advances towards manliness before they are able to test their own theory. Shall we prefer doubt because it is so ready to our hand, or shall we become truth-seekers even if we have to dive like pearl-fishers? That depends upon the mind which is in us. We shall elect our life-rule according to the spirit within. A brave soul will not tamely follow the ignoble way of the many, but will aspire to the higher paths even if they be the more difficult.