The Clue Of The Maze
A Voice Lifted Up For Honest Faith - "He who trusts
his soul to Jesus has found the clue to the maze!"

Modern unbelief is so short of the quality that it seized the label,
and has advertised itself as HONEST doubt. It was in dire need of
a character. We lift our feeble voice on behalf of HONEST FAITH.
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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We have never met with an instance in which a dying man has repented of his faith in God, or of the life which has grown out of it. Death-beds have in myriads of instances been clouded with regrets, but no one has ever bemoaned his too early, or too complete, or too protracted confidence in God. What no man has regretted let all men pursue.

Fathers and grandsires have passed this way before us, and have entreated us to follow them: they loved us too well to have implored us to trust in Jesus if he had proved to them a vain confidence. Their dying testimony commands our reverent obedience.

Thus, then, let time and eternity bring what they may, we commit ourselves unto God as unto a FAITHFUL CREATOR. TO WHOM BE GLORY FOR EVER AND EVER. AMEN.