The Clue Of The Maze
A Voice Lifted Up For Honest Faith - "He who trusts
his soul to Jesus has found the clue to the maze!"

Modern unbelief is so short of the quality that it seized the label,
and has advertised itself as HONEST doubt. It was in dire need of
a character. We lift our feeble voice on behalf of HONEST FAITH.
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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Trusting in the Lord Jesus Christ for complete salvation, and being assured that he is thereby saved, the believer comes under a new master-principle. Before he knew himself to be redeemed by Christ he labored for his own salvation; that is to say, his every embryo virtue had self for its aim. He acted or abstained from action, was just or generous, praised God or prayed to him, with the one design of benefiting himself. How little of the essence of virtue could be found in deeds proceeding from such a motive! Yet from that motive the worker could not be set free with any safety, unless by saving him the Lord could lift him beyond need of seeking selfsalvation, and then could cause him to pursue things noble and benevolent from pure love of God and man. It is natural that while a man is in danger he should look mainly to his own safety; hence nature itself is at first the enemy of unselfish virtue. But when the man's best interests are graciously secured, and he is set above all hazard, he looks beyond himself to his Deliverer, and regulates his life not by selfishness but by GRATITUDE. This is a grand uplifting of our manhood from servile fear to filial love. No mere animalism will ever understand a, passion like that of Xavier

In grateful love we have a fulcrum for the moral lever; a principle noble and elevating, potent to produce works of infinitely more value than any which can come from the slavish dread of punishment, or the mercenary hope of reward.