The Clue Of The Maze
A Voice Lifted Up For Honest Faith - "He who trusts
his soul to Jesus has found the clue to the maze!"

Modern unbelief is so short of the quality that it seized the label,
and has advertised itself as HONEST doubt. It was in dire need of
a character. We lift our feeble voice on behalf of HONEST FAITH.
By Charles Haddon Spurgeon
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Concerning the consciousness of evil in the past of our lives, and the tendency to wrong-doing in our nature, the Bible is very clear, and it is most admirably explicit as to God's way of removing this barrier to our future progress. In Holy Scripture we see a most wise and gracious method for the putting away of guilt, without injury to the divine justice. The atonement offered by the Lord Jesus, who is the essence of the revelation of God, is an eminently satisfactory solution of the soul's sternest problem.

Our feeling is that God, the universal Ruler, must do right, and must not, even for mercy's sake, relax the rule that evil done must bring evil as its consequence. We would not, when in our best frame of mind, for our own little sake, wish to have this sanatory law abrogated. Sin ought to be punished: let the rule stand, come what may of us. An unrighteous God would be the most terrible of conceivable evils. Sin linked with reward, or divorced from ill consequences, would be the death of the great principle of righteousness, which is the aspiration of all perfect moral sanity.

Scripture proposes no abolition of law, or relaxation of penalty; but it reveals the plan of substitution: the offended Judge bears in his own person the consequences of the offense of rebel man; He assumes human nature, that in His own person human sin may be visited with chastisement; He bears the burden of human transgression, and concerning Him we read these self-evidently divine words, " The chastisement of our peace was upon Him, and with His stripes we are healed." The whole transaction of substitution, descending to death upon the shameful tree, and rising into resurrection and ascension, is a great marvel: it cannot be a fiction, it surpasses all invention; it is the fact of facts. Carefully studied, looked at, weighed, the sacrifice of Himself by the Son of God carries into many minds a conviction not to be resisted, and works a peace only to be conceived by those who enjoy it. Accepting the sacrifice which God has accepted, we ourselves are accepted of the Lord.