What Police Really Think
About Gun Control Mania

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The San Diego Police Officers Association polled its members about gun control on 05 May 1997 and published the results in their official newsletter, "The Informant".

Note that the actual questions asked are stated here to prevent confusion. Anyone who has taken a survey knows the pitfalls of vague or misleading questions.

  • 1. Do you support an assault weapons ban? NO - 82.1%

    2. Do you support a limitation on magazine capacity? NO - 82.2%

    3. Do you support a law-abiding private citizen's right to carry a concealed weapon? YES - 84.9%

  • 4. Do you believe that armed, law-abiding citizens are a threat to you as a police officer? NO - 87.8%

    5. Have recent gun laws (weapons bans, magazine capacity limits, and increased waiting periods) reduced violent crime in your area? NO - 94.2%

    6. Would you support a point of sale background check (instant check) for the purchase of a firearm? YES - 92.1%

  • 7. Does gun ownership by private citizens increase public safety? YES - 87.1%

    8. Do you believe the criminal justice system needs streamlining and reform? YES - 99.2%

    9. Do you believe in the death penalty? YES - 99.2%

    10. Do you believe that restrictive gun laws will reduce violent crime? NO - 92.1%

    11. Do you believe that gun buy-back or turn-in programs take guns out of the hands of criminals? NO - 98.5%

    12. Do you believe that misuse of a firearm in a crime should result in stiff, mandatory sentences with no plea bargaining? YES - 95.6%

  • These results are consistent with similar polls taken all across the U.S. for over 20 years.

    Please talk to your local police officer about his/her views on gun control.

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