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Walter L. Wilson M.D.
From South Africa Edition, "The Message,"
James Dearmore, Editor
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When the producer of "3 Mule" bourbon whiskey is about to be operated upon for a serious appendix infection, he does not want the surgeon to be filled with whiskey. He is distinctly an ardent and devoted prohibitionist!

When the man who makes "4 Buzzard" straight Kentucky whiskey is taking his precious wife to the hospital for a serious operation, he does NOT want the surgeon to be filled with whiskey. HE IS AN ARDENT, DEVOTED PROHIBITIONIST.

When the maker of "7 Medal" 90 percent proof liquor enters the airplane for a trip, he does not want the pilot to be filled with his product. HE IS AN EARNEST PROHIBITIONIST.

When the maker of "Old Uncle Bob's" whiskey boards the Queen Mary for a trip to England, he does not want the Captain to be filled with his juice. HE IS AN ARDENT AND DEVOTED PROHIBITIONIST!

When the maker of "3 Horse" aged Kentucky bourbon makes his deposits in the bank, he does not want the bookkeepers, the cashiers and the responsible officers filled with his whiskey. HE IS AN EARNEST DEVOTED PROHIBITIONIST.

In all serious situations of life, the men who handle beer, wine, whiskey, want sober minds, the ability to think clearly and to decide wisely. Why then should it not be that in every department of life, social, educational, religious, political and domestic, alcoholic beverages should be completely eliminated - for they never contribute to the graces of life, but rather to the evils of life?

Alcoholic beverages are always injurious to the human body. They add nothing whatever to the clarity of the mind, as is well known everywhere.

No one would claim for a moment that the use of alcohol in any form makes one more pure, more holy, more godly, more delightful, more gracious, more sweet, more efficient, but rather the reverse.

God's remedy for the alcohol habit is Christ Jesus, the Son of God, the Lord. Trust Him with your soul, let the Holy Spirit be your helper, let the Bible be your guide, and your life will be radiant, useful and godly.

It is quite evident that one who loves liquor, or any alcoholic beverage, is not a lover of the Bible, nor of the Lord Jesus, nor of holiness, nor of any of the other graces of life. You must choose between the Spirit of God and the "drinks" of men. It is recorded in Ephesians 5:1, "Be not drunk with wine but be filled with the Spirit." Of course, you may say that you NEVER GET DRUNK, YOU ONLY DRINK "MODERATELY."

Would you permit the thief to say the same thing in regard to his mischief? Suppose he would say, "I only stole $5.00, I did not steal $5000.00." It is not the quantity, but rather the character that counts. Those who take "moderate" drinks may well remember Matthew 4:49 where our Lord says so plainly of some that they eat and drink with the drunken. The company that you keep indicates the kind of person that you are. If you prefer the company of those who "drink" rather than the company of believers, then there is no doubt but that in eternity God will see to it that you go where they go and that you receive the punishment they receive.

If, however, your heart desires victory over this evil, and you prefer to be a Christian, who walks with God, and loves the holy things of God, then there is a blessed and sufficient remedy.

YOU TRUST YOUR SOUL to Christ the Saviour (see Matthew 1:21), and you make the Holy Spirit of God the Lord of your daily life. This brings victory. The living water (the Holy Spirit) will satisfy every craving of your heart and your body will respond to His presence.

"Thou hast given Him (the Lord Jesus) power over all flesh" (John 17:2).

"Thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ"(2 Corinthians 2: 14).

"Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved" (Acts 16:31).

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