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EPA Junk Science Plainly Just
Bureaucratic Power Grab
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Past and present, the EPA head plans to put into place new clean air rules controlling very fine particulates and ozone. The sales job is based on, as usual, "saving the children" - in this case tens of thousands of deaths per year from asthma. Browner cites over 250 studies that support the new rules.

A gentleman from the Petroleum Institute was interviewed a while back by Matalin and came up with some additional facts.

First, the asthma problem is primarily an indoor problem - normally associated with inner city youngsters.

Second, nobody has any data - I repeat - any data on the health effects of very small particles. The studies simply haven't been done.

Third, of the 250 studies commonly cited, only two have any data and neither has been subject to any formal peer review. The conclusions of one of these was blown out of the water on initial review. The other relies on secret data - that the researchers from Harvard have never allowed any outside review. If it is good science and the results are real, why are they hiding it?

Fourth, the new rules have come out of the policy arm of the EPA rather than the research arm. Scientists in and out of the EPA have been universal in their calls for additional research.

Cost of these new rules? Over $120 billion per year (no doubt much higher now) and over 400 new communities out of compliance with clean air laws. This is not about saving a few hundred children per year from the ravages of asthma. It is about expanding power and control of the EPA and the Executive Branch over every single aspect of your lives. It is not supported by any real science. It is another fraudulent power grab by the gorists, greenies, Clintonoids, socialists and unrepentant communists. It should be and must be stopped.

One final bit of information: LA had the cleanest air in 45 years last year. If we are doing so good under the current rules, why do we need new ones? More and stricter EPA rules will further depress our economy and cost hundreds of thousands of jobs. And to pretend these loses can or will be made up with "new green jobs" is simply POLITICAL LIES and ECONOMIC IDIOCY -- It can't and won't happen!

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