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The Gospel 24/7
REFLECTED LIGHT-----------------------
Near Death Testimonies of Some Old Time Believers
----------------------------REV. DR. JUDSON

From An Antique Book in Webmaster's Library - Editor Unknown
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"SHOULD not the exile, Lord, desire
His own sweet realm to see?
The bride to greet her absent lord:
The prisoner to be free?"

"Scenes seraphic, high and glorious,
Now forbid his longer stay
See him rise o'er death victorious,
Angels beckon him away.
Hark, the golden harps are ringing,
Sounds unearthly fill the air;
Millions now in heaven singing,
Greet his joyful entrance there."

"Without a sigh,
A change of feature or a shaded smile,
He gave his hand to the stern messenger,
And as a glad child seeks his father's house,
Went home."

"It is said of the Rev. Dr. Judson, 'No other word would so well express his feelings as that one of his own choosing, " Peace."' He remained calm and serene, speaking of himself daily, as a great sinner, who had been overwhelmed with benefits, and declaring that he bad never in his life before, had such delightful views of the unfathomable love and infinite condescension of the Saviour, as were now daily opening before him. 'Oh, the love of Christ! the love of Christ!' he would suddenly exclaim while his eye kindled, and the tears chased each other down his cheeks; 'we cannot understand it now, but what a beautiful study for eternity.

"'Lying here on my bed,' he remarked, on another occasion, 'when I could not talk, I have had such views of the loving condescension of Christ and the glories of heaven, as I believe are seldom granted to mortal man.'

"He remarked previous to his death, 'I am not tired of my work, neither am I tired of the world, yet when Christ calls me home, I shall go with the gladness of a boy bounding away from his school. Perhaps I feel something like the young bride, when she contemplates resigning the pleasant associations of her childhood for a yet dearer home-- though only a very little like her-- for there is no doubt resting upon my future?' 'Then death would not take you by surprise,' I remarked. . . 'Oh, no,' he said, 'death will never take me by surprise-- do not be afraid of that, I feel so strong in Christ. He has not led me so tenderly thus far, to forsake me at the very gate of heaven. No, no, I am willing to live a few years longer, if it should be so ordered, and, if otherwise, I am willing and glad to die now. I leave myself entirely in the hands of God to be disposed of according to His will.'

" 'The moment of the going out of life,' writes Mr. Ranney, 'was indicated only by his ceasing to breathe. A gentle pressure of the hand growing more and more feeble as life waned, showed the peacefulness of the spirit about to take its heavenward flight."'

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