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The Gospel 24/7

Near Death Testimonies of Some Old Time Believers
From Antique Book in Webmaster's Library - Editor Unknown
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Let us place a number of mirrors in such relation to the sunlight that each one, as it catches a separate beam, shall reflect it to a common centre --- that centre at once becomes a focus of brilliancy and warmth. The light is no more intense, the heat is no more ardent there, than at any other point in the whole hemisphere upon which the sun is shining with only his direct influence.

We have, as it were, intensified the sunshine. We have multiplied each beam by all these other beams that we have brought together in a mirror of power and beauty. That point is so dazzling that it arrests attention-so grateful, or so useful, in its gathered heat, that we may comfort a sorrowing multitude, or melt earth's frozen fountains. We have added nothing to God's sun', or to the power of the rays with which he floods the world. We have only attracted that power to one point of interest and utility.

The compiler of these pages claims no higher honor than that of blending these scattered rays upon a point of personal and paramount importance to us all in the time of trial, and the incident of death. The true light from heaven, Christ manifested in the e Gospel, has shined in many earnest hearts, to give " the light of the knowledge of the glory of God." By bringing the Christian experience of many to bear upon the one truth, that grace can support the soul in the hour of death, we increase the conviction that the same grace shall be sufficient to sustain us. There is no new power added to the truth of the promises, but there is a gain in influence-there is a great power produced, which may enlighten the understanding and mold the feelings into a glow of warm desire. By the judicious selection of one interested in this field, we have thus the experience of eminent Christians, collected from various sources, and concentrated upon one truth. May the hope be realized, that many of God's children may enter into the possession of the privileges here illustrated.

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