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Near Death Testimonies of Some Old Time Believers
---------------------------- MARTHA MOORE

From An Antique Book in Webmaster's Library - Editor Unknown
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Blest be the strain of high belief,
Which says that souls that part in grief,
Part only for a time."

There is a Spirit to our spirits given,
Which holds communion with our better part,
Which sheds a hallow'd influence on our heart,
Gives pinions to our thoughts and to our prayers,
And harmonizes all our doubts and cares,
To meek submission. An intelligence
That gladdens, with its hidden influence,
All space, all time, and trains our earthly eye
To bear the blaze of immortality. --- Bowring.

BARLEY WOOD, Oct. 25, 1819.

It has pleased God to visit me with a loss as great as it is irreparable. My only remaining sister, the comfort of my life, whose principles, sentiments, and pursuits, were so exactly my own, as almost to identify us, is taken from me, after four days' illness. The selfish feeling, "That I must finish my journey alone," will too much intrude and sadden my oppressed heart, though I trust my deep sorrow is unmingled with any murmuring. He who gave her had a right to resume her, and I was enabled to say as I received her last sigh, "Blessed be the name of the Lord!" Her life had been most exemplary and it is hard to say whether devotion (of a sober and earnest kind) or charity was the most striking feature of her character.

Her death was such as I would desire for myself and every Christian friend. In her lucid intervals, she was constantly in prayer or praise; repeatedly declared she had a full, entire reliance on her Saviour, and renounced all trust in anything else. When a friend, seeing her in extreme agony, pitied her, she answered, "I love whatever comes from God, and therefore I love my sufferings." The first verse of the twentyseventh Psalm was frequently in her mouth. The habits of her mind and of her life, were apparent to the last; in her delirium she was perpetually crying out, "Be sure, let the poor woman have her shoes - do not forget that old man's clothing." --- Letter from Miss Hannah Moore.

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