The Religion Racket
by Norman H. Wells
Former Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Cincinnati
Now With The Lord
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The Late Dr. Norman H. Wells

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Norman Wells' "The Religion Racket" -- An Introduction
With Foreword, Links to the Full Text, and Epilog

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Arranged and Posted by James Dearmore 03/25/2000
And With Brief Biographical Notes Supplied by David Wells

This book on "The Religion Racket" is an able presentation of many things in modern day, so-called religion which are completely contrary to the Biblical precepts and examples from New Testament days. It is still very appropriate for TODAY, though Bro. Wells has been with the Lord now for about 22 years. It exposes many of the problems and attitudes now apparent in many Baptist Churches, and briefly indicates some solutions.

(Many of the other writings, Sermons, Articles, books, etc., of the late Dr. Norman Wells will be posted on our site as soon as we can find time to "code" them. We have been given "exclusive publishing or publication rights" to all of the writings, audio tapes, etc., of this grand old independent Baptist Pastor, who went to be with the Lord in 1978.)

Brother Norman Wells was a long time friend of the webmaster, and a strong supporter of our missionary work in Africa, and of many other sound independent direct missions projects while he was Pastor of Central Baptist Church of Cincinnati. He was also a friend of my own father, the late Dr. B. F. Dearmore, and they even cooperated from time to time on promoting certain independent Baptist projects and efforts.

Our own ministries were also strongly supported by a dear brother who followed Dr. Wells as Pastor for many years. Pastor James Love and the Central Baptist Church supported our Africa work generously while Bro. Love was the faithful Pastor.

Over the next year or so, we plan to publish more of Bro. Wells written materials (some of which copies we have are still in rough form) and transcriptions of some of his audio tapes on gospelweb.net. Some of this material of Dr. Norman Wells which Bro. David Wells has so generously given to us, and which we will be publishing, is still in the form of his own handwritten manuscripts, and, knowing Bro. Norman as I did, it is not at all surprising to me that his writings are STILL today "right on the money" for Bible believing, non-affiliated, independent Baptist Pastors and Churches.

I am confident that the extensive writings of Bro. Norman Wells will be of great value to any sound Baptist seeking the truths of God's Word and God's way for men today, as revealed in the Bible. Brother David Wells, the surviving competent authority and owner of these works of Norman Wells, is eager for his father's works to be published as widely as possible, and for that reason has given us the exclusive publishing rights as mentioned above. If you get a blessing from these materials on this index or on the many other works of Norman Wells as we add them to our site, you may contact us as follows: E-Mail , Webmaster, or send directly to David Wells with comments, blessings, thanks, etc., as the case may be! We will also be publishing some of Bro. David Wells materials as available on our web.

as supplied to us by his son, David Wells

1. Date of birth: April 18, 1918

2. Date of homegoing: June 21, 1978

3. Education: He graduated from the seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, where Dr. J. Frank Norris was the President. He served as Dr. Norris' Associate Pastor during that time. This would have been 1947-1949.

4. Pastorates. He pastored a church in Springfield, Ohio, called the Maranatha Baptist Church, which is still in existence today. This pastorate lasted for approximately 2 years, during which time he received the call to Pastor the Central Baptist Church in Cincinnati, Ohio, where he pastored for 28 years until his homegoing in 1978.

5. Besides being a wonderful Pastor, a powerful evangelist, and a strong contender for the faith, Dr. Wells also founded the Central Baptist Bible School (no longer in existence) as well as the Cincinnati Baptist Elementary and High Schools, which are still going strong today. The Elementary School and the High School were the first Church based schools of any kind to be officially chartered and recognized by the state of Ohio. He was also the founder and the editor of the monthly church newspaper "The Central Contender", which at one time went into all 50 states, as well as into many foreign countries.

6. In his latter years, he was known by many as "Mr. Independent Baptist", a name which is still used by some today.

7. Brother Wells became a Christian at the age of 21, under the ministry of the late great independent Baptist pastor, Dr. B. H. Hillard, at the Old Lockland Baptist Church, and worked for Bro. Hillard for some time before going away to Texas for school.

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