The Religion Racket
by Norman H. Wells
Former Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Cincinnati
Now With The Lord
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The Late Dr. Norman H. Wells

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Chapter 9

The Cupid Cult

It is the responsibility of religion to provide instruction that will enable the child to grow into a mature adult equipped to distinguish between right and wrong. Religion offers the training that brings the individual into a right relationship with his fellow man. Religion sets the guidelines and standards that govern the conduct between the man and woman. These moral guidelines bring happiness, maturity, and respect.

Nowhere is the failure of religion more evident than in its lack of influence upon the morality of America. The standards and moral guidelines of religion are scoffed at and ignored by this generation. Religion's failure has resulted in a generation that has failed to grow up morally. Its attitude toward right conduct in sex relations remains childish and immature. They may become adult in years but remain adolescent in morals.

This moral immaturity has resulted in this generation acting as if they were the first to discover the difference between the male and female. They are a little overwhelmed by the whole thing because they haven't really determined how to act in the face of this discovery. Formerly this problem was dealt with in the early teens . . . but not any more. It has become a constant difficulty. It may be that this nation is suffering from perpetual pubescence. It is characterized by the same immaturity, uncertainty, and anxieties. Normally it would be expected that this constant obsession with sex would bring about some form of maturity. This has not happened. This generation has prolonged the agony of adolescence ... indefinitely.

This infantile attitude toward sex has created many problems. Juvenile fantasy has exaggerated sex beyond any resemblance of reality. Since this make-believe world is never realized, the individual lives in a constant state of frustration and failure.

The childishness of today's generation concerning sex makes them extremely vulnerable to exploitation. They are bombarded on every hand by appeals to the sex instinct. Business was quick to recognize the opportunity of selling its products by coming up with a "sexy" image. This has resulted in "sexy" automobile tires, "sexy" toothpaste, "sexy" breakfast cereals, deodorants, razors, etc. Just about everything is sold with a "sex image."

These agitated adolescents find their inadequacies create an insatiable desire for exposure to nudity. This is always an indication of a callow concept of sex. It has resulted in practically everything about us being reduced to wanton vulgarity. Nudity has become the main commodity peddled in magazines, movies, nightclubs, television, stage shows, books, etc. Each depth of depravity that is reached only produces a demand for more. Sex perversion is popular, licentiousness longed for, and obscenity is adored!

To the Romans the god of sensual love was called Cupid. The Greeks knew this god as Eros. In America we do not have an original name for him but the god of sensual love has more worshipers than any other god. The Roman god of Cupid was originally pictured as a fine specimen of a mature young male. This image degenerated into that of a pudgy adolescent. This probably is more closely related to today's worshipers of a sensual god. Possibly they could be identified as the Cupid Cult. Sex love has been elevated into a cult. Love, sex appeal, and uncontrolled passion have become the prime factor in practically every phase of our complex, modern life.

Lately there have been some attempts to spell out the doctrines of this Cupid Cult. These doctrines come loosely under the heading of what is called "the new morality." It really isn't new. It has been dredged up from the sewers of past ages where it sank under the weight of its own fetid mass. Today's effort is nothing more than an attempt to return to the childish concepts of the primitives. It is not a step forward but a step backward.

This Cupid Cult would have us kick a-side all of the "old morality" with its restrictions and emphasis upon right and wrong. Permissiveness is the key word. If both parties agree, wrong becomes right. Sex relations are heralded as an expression of love that is not to be limited to marriage. Marriage is outdated. Sex relations ultimately will become as casual as a handshake!

In this "new morality" the idea of right and wrong is ridiculed. Each individual sets his own standards and is not to be influenced by anything other than his own conscience. Any mature reasoning knows this sounds good but that it doesn't work. It must be remembered that this generation seemingly has no desire to reach maturity in morals or intellect.

It is very evident that this religion is very successful in America. The adherents are dedicated to the worship of sex love. They do not have church buildings as such but congregate in theaters and drive-in movies to bow before the latest "sex symbol." Here they receive the inspiration and stimulation to pursue the goal of their religion ... the satisfaction of lust. In the drive-in movies what is portrayed on the screen is quickly practiced in the cars. They watch as their "sex kittens" give graphic illustrations of what is accepted as the ideal life. They are called "sex kittens" probably because they have the face of an angel and the morals of an alley cat. What is displayed upon the silver screen has more influence upon the morals of America than what is preached from the pulpits of all other religions combined.

The "Bible" of this religion is the philosophy that can be gleaned from the current issue of magazines whose main features are pictures of nudes. The philosophy seems to urge men to stay boys all their life and to spend their time in play rather than to assume the responsibility of adults. The novel that can describe sex in the foulest language is always a big influence.

The music of the Cupid Cult is given mainly to relating amateurish exploits in sex. The young seem to find this music very stimulating and challenging.

Again it must be said that the success of the Cupid Cult emphasizes the failure of religion. This generation finds it easy to cast aside the "old morality" simply because they never really knew what it was. We spend billions of dollars providing the education that will enable this generation to comprehend and eventually master all the complexities of modem life, all, that is, except morality.

Religion has failed to provide the foundation that enables a child to reach maturity in morals. It is small wonder that the young are taken in by any raving reprobate that happens on the scene. Religion has offered no alternative.

The only moral strength this generation has is what has seeped down from previous generations. Religion today has deserted the field of battle and seemingly run up the white flag of surrender. The ultimate in humiliation is the way some religions are willing to embrace the Cupid Cult and accept its standards for their own.

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