Buried With Him In Baptism - Foreword
A Look At Biblical Teachings on Baptism
by Norman H. Wells
Former Pastor, Central Baptist Church, Cincinnati
Now With The Lord

The Late Dr. Norman H. Wells

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It is rather a startling thing to discover how little has ever been written concerning baptism. In a widely used book on Christian Theology there are 326 pages. Out of these 326 pages one-half of a page (22 lines) is devoted to baptism! This is a typical example. In the catalogues of the leading religious book houses there is very little mention of books on baptism. This neglect of the subject of baptism is even more startling in view of the tremendous importance given the matter in the New Testament.

The words Baptist, baptism, baptize, baptized and baptizing are used a total of 113 times in the New Testament. In view of this obvious neglect I feel there is a definite need for at least a booklet on baptism. This booklet is necessary for several reasons.

First, there is a need for a booklet that will instruct new converts on the subject of baptism.

Second, today's divisions in Christianity began with a departure from the truth concerning baptism. All united effort for the cause of Christ has to begin with a return to unity in baptism.

Third, error concerning baptism is causing more people to be deceived about eternal salvation than all other errors combined.

It will be our purpose to use the Bible and the Bible only as the authority for what we say about baptism. We will not appeal to history, tradition, nor man's interpretation. God being our helper, we will let the Word of God say what it was intended to say. --- End of Author's Foreword

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