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Addicted to The internet?

Author Unknown


You Might Be Addicted to The internet If . . .

  • your service provider calls you for tech support
  • someone at school or work tells you a joke and you say "LOL!"
  • three words: carpal tunnel syndrome
  • you come home from somewhere and wait for your friends to say "re."
  • you get a second phone line, just so you can call for pizza.
  • you raise your hand in school and say "BRB."
  • you begin to say hehehe instead of laughing.
  • you know and regularly use more than 10 different ways to smile in ascii text. :)
  • when someone says, "What did you say?," you automatically say "scroll up!"
  • you marry your cybergirl/boyfriend and the two of you sit across the room in the honeymoon suite, typing love messages to each other.

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