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Life Under Islamo-Fascists
By James Dearmore III (Jimmy)
Editorial Published: 08-30-2006
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Editorial - Published - 08-30-2006 - on www.gospelweb.net and www.biblicalpatriot.net

(08/30/2006) One often wonders what would happen if the Islamo Fascists should win in the War On Terror. They are Muslim supremacists -- ideological heirs to Hitler who, in the 1940's, fought for Aryan supremacy and white supremacy, or Stalin who established a totalitarian state and killed millions of potential enemies. Or perhaps Pol Pot who forced a whole nation to be re-educated to fit his political designs and killed millions in the process. Is there a certain section of society that would cease to exist as in the holocaust, or would they be driven underground? Would there be mass executions? What would happen with the women? Would we all be driven back into the Stone Age? The questions just keep coming.

If however, we look at what has happened in Iran and with the Taliban in Afghanistan, we should be able to get a good idea of what could happen, how the masses would be herded like cattle to implement and fulfill the Islamo Fascists goals.

What Would Happen?

The Islamo Fascists, would establish order through a strict interpretation of Islamic law. Public executions and punishments (such as beatings, floggings and stonings) would become standard. Television, music, and the Internet would be banned, as well as all alcholic beverages. Men would be required to wear beards, and subjected to beatings if they failed to comply. Frivolous activities, like Football, Baseball or Basketball, would be outlawed. Girls would be barred from going to school, and women would be prevented from working outside the home. If the Islamic law were implemented as it was by the Taliban, women would also be required to be escorted by a male relative if they left their home for any reason and if they failed to follow this requirement, they could face being beaten or even shot. All of this would be to protect women and their honor.

For the Atheist and Secular Humanist, life would be short. Punishment for worshipping a different god is death by beheading, while the same punishment applies to those that deny god.

Religious schools would be established with all male children required to attend and groups of Mullahs would become a central part of the social fabric: running schools, mosques, shrines, and various religious and social services. Finally, the schools' curricula would be based on the ultra-conservative Wahabi tradition.

For women it is worse. Islamic fundamentalism of any kind in essence looks upon women as sub-humans, fit only for household slavery and as a means of procreation. Such an outrageous view was incredibly elevated to the status of official policy with the coming to power of the ignorant Taliban. Not only the Jehadis (Northern Alliance etc.) and Taliban but all Islamo Fascists (advocates of an Islamic political system) target women’s rights as a first priority, citing mediaeval Sharia (Islamic law) as their authority.

Almost every section of secular life would either be drastically altered, or eliminated. I challenge anyone to identify anything they currently do, that would not be affected and in most cases drastically.

8/30/06 J. H. Dearmore III