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Editor Comments On American
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How Can This Be?

By Editor/Webmaster - James Dearmore
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Editorial - Published - 5-27-2006 - on www.gospelweb.net and www.biblicalpatriot.net

Is Modern Version of Liberalism A Mental Disorder?

It must be clear to anyone who knows even a little bit of what is going on today that large parts of the world in which we live have already become a raving lunatic asylum, and the inmates are now, generally speaking, running it.

It is a weird (and completely unsatisfactory) situation when the students run the schools, the children direct and control the homes, the teachers and parents have completely lost control, and the crooks (and crooked politicians) and drug dealers have major control of the society, culture(?), politics and economy of the world, and even our own country.

It is impossible to accept or even understand a time in which the victims seem to have NO rights, and the perpetrators of the most vicious crimes have ALL the rights! It seems it may be a product of what I might call "Galloping Liberal Insanity" or G. L. I. It is a disorder which will be fatal to American freedom and liberty unless stopped.

The majority of Americans are not yet infected. Actually, only about 25 to 30% are now ill with the deadly disorder, but many of them are in positions of wealth, influence, and power. They are doing everything they can to destroy America's historic Christian and moral values, and to infect others, so as to destroy America as we know it and gain complete domination of our political and social systems.

They are the same ones who want uncontrolled borders, amnesty for illegal aliens, easy citizenship, no English language requirements, no control over immigration or immigrants -- Just give them Social Security and other social benefits, at a cost of billions and billions annually to American taxpayers. Some even want aliens to be allowed to vote, and are opposed to any effective defenses against illegal border jumpers, fraudulent voting, terrorism, or drugs, etc.

These same fatally infected ones are leaders in sabotaging our war efforts, and responsible for additional deaths of our brave military men and women by their constant lying and demoralizing attacks which lower morale and hinder the war effort.

They are generally the ones who encourage and help the enemies of our country by leaking classified information, making it possible for terrorists to avoid many of our efforts to stop them before they can commit another 9/11 style atrocity, or God forbid, worse. There is a radio personality, with whom I often disagree, who recently published a book titled "Liberalism Is A Mental Disorder." And if I might add a little to that title, I would agree with it -- The "Current Version of Liberalism IS a Mental Disorder."

And YET our own country is still the greatest in the world, although real and true patriotism has now become a dirty word to some people, especially to the so-called "main stream media!"

There are still many millions of us who love America, and would die in her defense. We still get tears in our eyes, and our voice gets hoarse when we hear the "Star Spangled Banner", or see old glory waving proudly, or hear of the remarkable feats of bravery of our military heroes, or see one receive a high decoration for valor, etc.

It is absolutely unthinkable to millions of us that, in a nation that was founded as a definitively Christian nation, founded on Christian values and morals, you can't even have a Bible on the school teacher's desk today without risk of serious problems. In the early settlement days of our country, many of the students in schools learned to read using the Bible as their principal source of reading material.

Yet today, massive efforts are under way to remove every trace of the Bible, Christianity and Christian symbols, from our country. This assault is being led by the ACLU, Secular Humanists, (Humanism and/or Evolutionism are actually just the same old tired devil worship or "Pagan Religion" of the ancient days) Satanists, Atheists, Agnostics, etc., ad infinitum.

But the Koran, Mein Kampf, Das Kapital, Communist Manifesto, or any "scientific" fiction supporting Darwinism (so-called science, which is just the religion of evolution), Socialism, Communism, books promoting sexual perversions and Atheistic or Humanistic claptrap are all perfectly acceptable, even in elementary schools paid for with taxpayers money.

And the "sodomites" (and every other variety of perversion which can be imagined by the wicked hearts of unregenerate men) can "defend the indefensible" before school children, seeking to make more "victims" of or converts to their so-called "lifestyle" which is in reality a "death-style," although protected by law in some places.

It is incredible to most of us that these things can be true -- And YET THEY ARE! And the ACLU and every other ambulance chasing lawyer in the country will sue you "at the drop of a hat" if you don't accept it their way!-- James Dearmore, Garland, Texas (May 27, 2006).