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Editorial About Islamic
Beliefs - Part 1

By the Webmaster

Click Here To See USA Today Article from 9/30/2001

I have just been reading (again, for the 5th or 6th time) an article from USATODAY.com, dated 09/30/2001- Updated 03:30 PM ET. And REMEMBER- this was only 19 days after 9/11!

If the subject were not so serious, and their so-called "answers" to the various questions they "asked" and "answered" about Islamic Beliefs so deceptive and dangerous, it would be laughable to the point of hysteria.

They "asked and answered" various questions on Islamic beliefs. Their questions were very carefully chosen, of course, and their "answers" were such as one would expect from a very liberal publication.

On every possible question, they worded their answer in such a way as to deceitfully claim or insinuate that Islamic and Christian beliefs are very closely related, in fact very similar to each other.

This is a barefaced and deliberate lie. To really believe such idiocy one would have to be deaf, dumb, blind, stupid, and completely illiterate.

At least twice in the article they brought up and emphasized the old hairy statement about the Muslims considering the Jews and the Christians as "people of the book" who "share the same basic beliefs." This again is PC and "liberal lying" gone mad.

The Allah of the Muslims is not the God of Christians, nor Yahweh of the Jews. The Muslims, including Mohammed himself, are adamant that their god (or Allah, as they call him) has no Son, and they make a point of labeling such teaching as horrible blasphemy. Since their "Allah" has no son, and our "God" does, the Muslims "god" cannot be the same God as ours! Things manifestly not equal cannot be the same as each other.

The Koran itself, also in more than one place, clearly calls for the faithful Muslims to "kill the infidels" ('infidels' = non-Muslims). The Koran even goes further, and indicates the 'infidels' may be killed by trickery or treachery or however possible.

In future editorials I plan to deal with some more of the false statements from this "research" about Islam, and from the PR machine the Muslims are using extensively. Suffice it to say, for the moment, that all of the answers in the "research" noted above, either were or could have been taken verbatim from the massive public relations scam job which has been going on for some years now, led by the CAIR (Council on Islamic-American Relations) and various other organizations. It seems that much of the money for the massive PR effort still on-going is coming from Saudi Arabian sources, according to some who have studied the subject. JHD

See "Editorial On Islamic Beliefs - Part 2" Also watch for Part 3, coming soon, dealing further with this USATODAY puff piece for Muslims, published only 19 days after 9/11!