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By Joseph Harris
Brief Comments On Mormonism And Other Matters
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Editorial - Published On GospelWeb 2/10/13: @ http:/www.gospelweb.net - Used by Permission

Mormonism and Christianity


Forgetfulness is a part of human nature. The older I get, the more human I become. This tendency to forget is one reason why we as Christians must read our Bibles regularly. We usually know truth when we see it, but tend to “forget” when not constantly reminded.

For instance, amid the glimmering and positive image that is used to portray Mormonism, let’s not forget that it is still a cult which denies fundamental Bible doctrines. After Mitt Romney’s constant front page exposure throughout 2012, some well known leaders representing Christianity began to soften up on Mormonism as a cult. Suddenly, some are proclaiming it is no longer a cult. Well, what has changed? Mormon doctrine remains the same. Looks like, once again, the infallible leaders of modern Christianity have changed a previously held, unmovable position.

Franklin Graham used to believe Mormonism was a cult, but it has been claimed he has now removed Mormonism from the cult status on the Billy Graham web site. I can find no statement about mormonism on the site. Cults in general are mentioned, but no single group is named. His statement was that you cannot win people by calling them names. However, name calling and truth in labeling are two different things. Calling Mormonism a cult is not name calling- it is categorizing a false religion. Franklin has at times in the past taken a stand on some issues, but now it looks like he may begin to emulate his father more and become squeamish on issues requiring a backbone. And even IF he still believes it is a cult, by refusing to call it one, he is heading to the slippery slope of compromise. Should we stop referring to the lost as sinners?

The “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints” was established by Joseph Smith around the mid 1800's. He was disgruntled with the divided religious denominations of his day. Smith claims that when he asked God to show him which of the current churches was the true church, God told him none of them . . . they were all wrong. God then stated he wanted Joseph to be his true prophet and “restore” the true gospel back into the world, since it had been lost through the corrupt churches.

Smith didn’t restore the lost truth anymore than the reformers recovered true doctrine that had been “lost” through the Romanism of the Dark Ages. The true Gospel has never ceased to exist. From the time Christ started His church, to the present, true churches have perpetually existed preaching true doctrine, and were consistently persecuted by Rome and her reformed daughters. True Bible doctrine has been “messed with” throughout church history, but was never lost. Joseph Smith, using a buffet line mentality, picked and chose what he wanted from Christianity, combined it with Freemasonry, added a dash of mysticism and created the smorgasbord of Mormonism. The problem is, God never hired him as the chef.

Mormonism claims Joseph Smith is the last prophet for mankind, but Hebrews 1:1 plainly states Jesus is God’s final prophet, and that excludes Mohammed also. Mormonism teaches Jesus is a god, while the scriptures teach Jesus is the God, and not just divinity, but deity. Mormonism teaches salvation by righteous works and accountability before the judgment seat of the trinity of God, Jesus and Joseph Smith. All this and more was supposedly revealed to Joseph Smith by an angel from Heaven.

Again, lest we forget, Mormonism is not true Biblical Christianity, but a mutated corruption, sprinkled with a fairy tale element (man may become God), which corrupts the simplicity of the Gospel (II Corinthians 11:3). “But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you, than that we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.” Galatians 1:8

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