About Terrorist Incident in October, 2002
Ed Evans, MGySgt., USMC (Ret.)
Not as lean, Not as mean, But still a Marine

The United States Marines were doing live fire exercises in Kuwait today when two individuals drove up in a truck and opened fire with AK-47's. The two assailants were immediately killed, but not before they wounded one Marine and killed another.

That dead Marine, someone's son, was wearing the uniform of our country for you and me.

He stood between men who would do us harm, for you and me. An enemy's bullet took him down.

Why isn't that bigger news?

Why aren't there angry groups of celebrities and politicians demanding justice for his death?

Probably for the same reason ABC, CBS and NBC failed to cover the speech last night by the President of the United States. A speech he talked about three days in advance, saying he would lay out for the American people the answers to the questions they had been asking about why Iraq and why Saddam.

ABC had the Drew Carey show running, one of the lowest rated shows in that time slot, but they wouldn't give way.

NBC showed true information snobbery, saying if people wanted to watch the President they could see it on MSNBC. Oh, doesn't everyone have cable?

Probably for the same reason I saw some unnamed -- he's not important enough to remember his name -- actor this morning on TV putting false words in the mouth of the President of the United States. Unsanitary at best and a comfort to our enemies at worst.

Probably for the same reason Barbara Streisand feels called to blister and poke fun at the President of the United States in a national forum, and the leading members of her political party cater to such poor judgment, not to mention misspelling.

Probably for the same reason Jessica Lange feels it is her mission in life to keep repeating her current mantra: "I am embarrassed to be an American. I hate George Bush."

Five words for all of them: "Delta's ready when you are" They should all go live in a better country. Trouble is, they are, and they don't know it. Why does the media give them a platform to abuse our national leadership?

It really is time we take our country back. We need to refuse to go watch multi-millionaires play football and baseball, complaining all the way that they don't get what they deserve.

We need to refuse to pad the pocketbooks of overpaid, under talented movie stars who have confused celebrityship with wisdom. We need to refuse to pander to an out-of-control news media that believes it is in control and knows better than the American people.

We really need to be Americans again, full of hope for the future and in control of our destiny. The world needs us to be Americans.

For everyone else, I repeat: "Delta's ready when you are."

Ed Evans, MGySgt., USMC (Ret.)
Not as lean
Not as mean
But still a Marine

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