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There are some very important things about freedom and the defense of liberty which many Americans have not recently considered seriously or coherently.

First: Americans need to recognize the extreme media bias against national patriotic feelings or actions. This is part of the reason why the "news media" (dominated by liberals) is very reluctant to tell anything good or encouraging about Iraq and Afghanistan, or the war against terror. They leave out anything that might bring credit to the USA, President Bush, his administration, our military forces, or to America in general. And they clearly have nothing but contempt for our military and our other security forces.

Second: Most of the media hates George Bush with a purple passion, and hates America as it is at present. Many of the media people and organizations are promoting a surrender of American sovereignty to a one world socialistic set up in which America would soon be brought down to the level of what we now call "third world" countries. Our national and personal liberties would be lost in such an event, and our wealth would be looted by the same people who brought us the "Oil for Food Scandal" -- until now, the biggest financial rip-off in the history of the world, led by some of our so-called friends!

Third: Most of the media are enthusiastic members in good standing of the liberal "BLAME AMERICA FIRST FOR EVERYTHING BAD IN THE WORLD" Club.

Fourth: The big media are contemptuous of and opposed to anything which even resembles genuine Christianity, and of all those who practice it. Liberals in general don't have a problem with Atheism, Satanism, Wicca, Islam, Secular Humanism (the religion of atheism) Socialism, Communism, or nearly any other "ism". But there are two things which Liberals simply cannot tolerate: genuine Judaism and genuine Bible believing Christianity!

Fifth: The liberal media, after their failed concerted campaign to prevent the Bush victory in 2004 are still determined to destroy his administration, by lying, sabotaging the war effort, or any other means, even at the cost of great harm to America's influence and future safety and security in the world.

Sixth: The media and leadership of the liberal/left are daily more paranoid, unbalanced or unhinged. What liberals say and do does not sit well with the majority of grassroots Americans. Most liberal (spelled-'d-e-m-o-c-r-a-t') leaders seem to think the ONLY important thing in the world is to destroy conservatives and regain power for the left regardless of what damage it does to the country or our standing in the world. Libs NEED the war, the economy, and everything else to go very badly to help them regain power.

Personally, I'm sick and tired of all the whining and lying, sabotage, obstructionism and destructive criticisms by the "liberals", and the "hate America" and "hate Christianity" bunch.

Anyone with half a brain who is not completely ignorant of all of history up to the present would have to know that America is the greatest nation that has ever been blessed by God on this earth to date.

And all those who have had the great good fortune and blessing of God to be born here, or to come here legitimately and become citizens, should thank God daily for that signal blessing, and should do everything possible to promote the future of all Americans, American Christian values, and to strengthen and support our nation in every way possible.

We should thank God daily for our men and women who (volunteers all) put their lives on the line for our future safety and security. I SAY GOD BLESS AMERICA --- and if France, Russia, Germany, MEXICO, and any number of the Islamic states don't like what we do for our own present and future security, THAT'S TOUGH!

I know something about terrorism. My wife and I and our children lived day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year, in constant danger from, and in close proximity to terrorists during parts of our 33 years work in Africa.

I learned at least one thing about terrorists during that time, after seeing little children, babies, missionaries, farmers, teachers, personal friends, etc., kidnapped, mutilated and killed by the terrorists!

I also learned again about terrorists when they set a double ambush in which I was seriously wounded with "multiple gunshot wounds", spent 6 weeks in hospital, and 3 months of daily physical therapy to recover. They set the ambushes for the purpose of killing me and my wife.

What I learned is this: YOU DO NOT TALK TO TERRORISTS; you do not negotiate with them; you do not arrest them; YOU KILL THEM! THAT'S THE ONLY LANGUAGE THEY UNDERSTAND. AND THEY DO UNDERSTAND THAT LANGUAGE VERY WELL! {Note: That is to say, terrorists should be hunted down unmercifully, in a permanent state of war against them, (until they are eliminated) by all self-respecting nations on earth! Then when they re-appear, do the job over again.}.

We need to always remember that "Freedom is Not Free!" We need to pray for and support our troops and our leaders, and pray constantly for victory, and for those in harms way. If we do not win and take the war to the enemy over there, we will soon be fighting terrorists here in the USA.

Those Americans who have not done so must begin to appreciate the fact that the terrorist war is one which MUST be won! It cannot be avoided, as the aim of the Islamists is to remake the world order in such a way as to gain total domination of the whole earth in the name of Mohammed and Allah! - JHD

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