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Purported Note From Businessman
Sent To Carbonite About MSM
Sent To Us On Internet
Author Unknown
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The following note (from an unidentified businessman) was reportedly sent to Carbonite:

Neither I nor my company will do any further business with your company and we plan on spreading the word. You pulled your support of Rush Limbaugh and therefore I'm pulling mine from you. Rather than allowing the "MSM" or the "leftist liberals" to drive their agenda by elevating this issue and Rush's apology . . . . where in the context of "civil discourse", were they and your group on the following similar situations:

1. President Obama's abhorrent apology on the Koran issue?

2. Apology (instead of dancing in streets and burning US flag) from Islamic community for 9/11?

3. Eric Holder's apology to Brian Terry's family?

4. Obama's apology for American exceptionalism to the world

5. Obama's apology for all the wasted billions on "green" scams?

6. Liberals apology for all those held captive (on Democrat plantation) by welfare?

7. Obama's apology to the unemployed?

8. The EPA's apology for destroying America's business environment (by stupid over regulation)?

9. Liberalism's apology for 40 years of failed social policies?

10. DOE apology for having absolutely no coherent energy policy?

11. Obama's apology for lying about shovel ready jobs?

12. Obama's apology for growing the size of the useless Federal Government?

13. DOJ apology for suing Arizona over not doing its own job?

14. Obama's apology for running all over the constitution?

15. Obama's apology for selling America into socialism?

Also . . .

16. Did Obama demand Ed Schultz apologize to Laura Ingraham for calling her a "right wing slut"?

17. Did Obama personally call Ingraham to "see if she was OK"?

18. How about an apology from Obama and his followers for all the vile, vulgar, unspeakable lies told about Sarah Palin?

19. How about an apology from Obama and his followers for all the vulgar, unspeakable lies told about the Tea Parties and most other patriotic Americans?

AND THIS LIST COULD GO ON AND ON . . . . We see instant umbrage and loud demands from the left for groveling public apologies when Conservative patriots tell the truth about the left/liberal/socialist/progressives, while the left can and does lie constantly and utter the most outrageous epithets and vulgarities about Conservatives WITHOUT ANY APOLOGIES EVER FROM ANYONE PROMINENT ON THE LEFT! How You Can Tell When Liberals Are Lying!

The "radical left/liberal socialists" (who run most of the media) never apologize to patriotic Americans. It's time to stop the double standard, not cave to it like your group did!

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