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The Gospel-24/7
All Ye Workers of Iniquity
Author Unknown

"Why Not Smile and Give Your Face A Rest!"
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A Jehovah's Witness knocked on the front door of a home, and heard a faint, high pitched, "Come In".

He tried the door and it was locked, so he went around to the back door.

He knocked again and heard again the high pitched "Come In".

As he entered the kitchen a large, mean, snarling Doberman met him.

As he plastered himself against the wall, he called out for help.

Again, he heard the "Come In".

He slid down the wall to the living room to see a parrot in a cage.

He said, "For Pete's sake, is that all you can say -- 'Come In'?"

The parrot laughed and said "Sic Him!"

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