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By the late Dr. B. F. Dearmore, Long a Leader Among
Real, Bible Believing Direct Missions Independent
Baptists, and Father of the Webmaster

Copyright 2001 by James H. Dearmore, Garland, Texas
Permission granted to print copy for own use.

Introduction by the Author

"A few months ago (the original edition of this booklet was written in 1948, when Dr. B. F. Dearmore was Pastor of Jennings Ave. Baptist Church in Fort Worth, Texas) a dear friend came to me and said, 'I want you to baptize me but I don't want to be a member of your church. I don't know what church is right. You say you are right, and this other preacher says his church is right. What can I do?' "

"My answer to this sincere question was, 'Let the Bible tell you'."

In this outline I have tried to "let the Bible talk." What I believe may not be true. What the Bible says is always true.

I have divided the subject of the Church into seven major divisions, after the Introduction:

1. Founding

2. Functions

3. Features

4. Fellowship

5. Future

6. Finance

7. Failure to bring in Millennium

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