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By the late Dr. B. F. Dearmore, Long a Leader Among
Real, Bible Believing Direct Missions Independent
Baptists, and Father of the Webmaster

Copyright 2001 by James H. Dearmore, Garland, Texas
Permission granted to print copy for own use.

Chapter 5

I. Internal.

"A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another as I have loved you." --- John 13:34.

For a church to properly function, there must be fellowship between its members --- with each other, and with the pastor.

Acts 20:28 tells us the pastor is overseer by the power of the Holy Ghost. There can be no other basis for church harmony.

The conflict that often arises between deacons and pastors is brought about by the deacons refusing to accept the overseership of the pastor, and then claiming to be overseers themselves.

A Sunday School cannot be successful to the full extent without fellowship between the teachers and officers, working under their overseer, the pastor.

II. Fellowship With God.

(A) A saved membership.

(B) In sound doctrines.

(C) In service to God through the church.

III. With Other Churches.

In I Corinthians 16:1 we find the churches cooperating together in financial matters.

In John 21:6-11 we have a beautiful picture of two churches (ships) coming together in cooperation as fishers (of men). They rejoice together and are rewarded together with food (spiritual).

All through the Acts we find churches cooperating.

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