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Interesting Quotations Collected
From Here and There - Part 9
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Quotations from Everywhere

(Part Nine)

Interesting Quotes on Many Themes - Authors Unknown

The child is not to be educated for the present, but for the remote future, and often in opposition to the immediate future.

Most rock journalism is people who can't write, interviewing people who can't talk, for people who can't read.

America is the place where you cannot kill your government by killing the men who conduct it.

You think you are clever until you find out how smart you are.

Complete possession is proved only by giving. All you are unable to give possesses you.

To educate a man in mind and not in morals is to educate a menace to society.

He who seeks rest finds boredom. He who seeks work finds rest.

Ideas lose themselves as quickly as quail, and one must wing them the minute they rise out of the grass, or they are gone.

Being an umpire is like being a king. It prepares you for nothing.

Ignorance is not bliss -- ignorance is ignorance.

Applause is the spur of noble minds, the end and aim of weak ones.

Assassination is the extreme form of censorship.

The resolved mind hath no cares.

If you are content, you have enough to live comfortably.

Criticism should not be querulous and wasting, all knife and root-puller, but guiding, instructive, inspiring.

If only one could tell true love from false love as one can tell mushrooms from toadstools.

Character is a victory, not a gift.

An expert is a person who avoids the small errors while sweeping on to the grand fallacy.

Freedom all solace to man gives: He lives at ease that freely lives.

'Tis the voice of the sluggard I heard him complain, you have waked me too soon, I must slumber again.

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